Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tantra cheat 2011

Tantra Online Cheat

Below I provide the cheat for the game Tantra Online. Cheat is a program created by the people of Indonesia itself. How to run this cheat is pretty easy

step 1 .
cheat my way in advance andy
Step 2 .
after that run the tantra tools
step 3 .
run tantra online.

The risk of the use on the responsibility of the user
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tantra Maxi

For the game lovers can now enjoy again tantra tantric game

MAXI Tantra Open Beta
Written by byouthegreat
06 February 2011
It's open RIGHT NOW!!
For more info please visit the forum.

To Sign up please use the link "Sign Up" on the right

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Give me 1 reason to give cheat khatana4 for you

After a quarrel with the computer and test-trial modification of existing cheat its end I can penetrate to cheat tantra version khatana 4 as it is easy once you go home a little earnest because I do not need to cheat to find the new version. only change is in value cheat the old version. but when I intend to make a post about this cheat a friend tantra mania reprimand cheat me with the reason that can damage the balance of the game so I pause to spread cheat version of this khatana 4.
if you are interested to get this then I have 1 request.

Tantra in the world so there are 1 million users who play more so I think I will get this if there are users who get to play with, essentially give me 1 reason to cheat distribute this to you for free.

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

I denounce incidents hacks in the game tantra

Please login ID characters

Complaints process for the next Hack

Complaints that Hack processed only come from



If the description of events and time is not
complete / clear.

He reported that deliberately and not
accidentally downed and removed.

Share with other user ID or to provide
personal data you.

Complaints hack will not be processed if
pass the 3 days after the accident.

ID and the character to use
words that are not good.

1. Log on the website http://tantra.playon.co.id
2. Select the tab Complaints hack
3. full data in the table

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gets Cristal and Bright cristal

You never hear how to make key pratima king is in the need to enter the King's monster in chaturangga?you no needeed the cheat to make this item. for those of you who have never heard of making possible way here I will try to explain how the creation of steps to produce death, and with good information below

Each part consists of 6 room (the room):
1. Room 1, Tortoise, Carlos th Infantry (Spear), drop items: Vedati
2. Room 2, Tortoise, Carlos th Infantry (Spear), drop items: Vedati
3. Room 3, Silver Tortoise, Boss Cavalry (Horse), drop items: Asba
4. Room 4, Tortoise Gold, Boss Tanker (Train), drop items: Rada
5. Room 5, Elephant, Boss Elephant (Elephant), drop items: Gaja
6. Room 6, turtles, Boss Black Turtle (Kura-kura/Kuya), drop items: Mantri

ut vedhati kaya special for the rich and vada vedhati kaya rich I give more complete details because it is rather confusing to make the second item

Ut vedati kaya
1. ut vedathi
2. utvid vedathi
3. UtPaz vedathi
4. Paz vedathi

vada vedathi kaya
vada vedathi
vadapaz vedathi
vid vedathi
vadavid vedathi

So to make the King Pratima we must prepare the key of each room items to be Rich. Rich items from this we can create new King Pratima.
The following sequence of making Rich items:
1. Vada Vedati Rich is a combination of:
Vada Vedati
VadaPaz Vedati
VadaVid Vedati
VID Vedati

2. Ut Vedati Rich is a combination of:
Ut Vedati
UtPaz Vedati
UtVid Vedati
Paz Vedati

3. Asba Rich is a combination of:
Ut Asba
Vada Asba
VID Asba
Paz Asba

4. Rada Rich is a combination of:
Ut Rada
Vada Rada
VID Rada
Paz Rada

5. Gaja Rich is a combination of:
UtVid Gaja
UtPaz Gaja
VadaPaz Gaja
VadaVid Gaja

6. Rich is an orderly combination of:
Ut Mantri
Vada Mantri
VID Mantri
Paz Mantri

King PRATIMA is a combination of:
Vada Vedati Rich
Ut Vedati Rich
Asba Rich
Rada Rich
Gaja Rich
Mantri Rich

(24 drop items boss room = 6 Rich Pratima King = 1).

To combine each item into the item Rich, Rich, the item becomes King Pratima, we must enter chessboard. In each of the entrance room 1 (first) NPC can be found women who serve merge key chessboard.
NPC names first woman in the room:
Irina VadaPaz = Vidha
Irina Vadabid = Neutral
Irina Wootpbiz = Batara
Irina Wootpaz = Seti

So after we have the King Pratima then we can open the door to the room unseen Raphu. How, click on the NPC women (Telefote) in front of the room Raphu. Once we click on the NPC's, then automatically wall in the back of the NPC can we pass by running through (penetrate the wall). Every time we open the door to the room unseen Raphu, needed 1 King Pratima. So, after opening the door unseen, the King Pratima will be missing from our inventory.
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