Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gets Cristal and Bright cristal

You never hear how to make key pratima king is in the need to enter the King's monster in chaturangga?you no needeed the cheat to make this item. for those of you who have never heard of making possible way here I will try to explain how the creation of steps to produce death, and with good information below

Each part consists of 6 room (the room):
1. Room 1, Tortoise, Carlos th Infantry (Spear), drop items: Vedati
2. Room 2, Tortoise, Carlos th Infantry (Spear), drop items: Vedati
3. Room 3, Silver Tortoise, Boss Cavalry (Horse), drop items: Asba
4. Room 4, Tortoise Gold, Boss Tanker (Train), drop items: Rada
5. Room 5, Elephant, Boss Elephant (Elephant), drop items: Gaja
6. Room 6, turtles, Boss Black Turtle (Kura-kura/Kuya), drop items: Mantri

ut vedhati kaya special for the rich and vada vedhati kaya rich I give more complete details because it is rather confusing to make the second item

Ut vedati kaya
1. ut vedathi
2. utvid vedathi
3. UtPaz vedathi
4. Paz vedathi

vada vedathi kaya
vada vedathi
vadapaz vedathi
vid vedathi
vadavid vedathi

So to make the King Pratima we must prepare the key of each room items to be Rich. Rich items from this we can create new King Pratima.
The following sequence of making Rich items:
1. Vada Vedati Rich is a combination of:
Vada Vedati
VadaPaz Vedati
VadaVid Vedati
VID Vedati

2. Ut Vedati Rich is a combination of:
Ut Vedati
UtPaz Vedati
UtVid Vedati
Paz Vedati

3. Asba Rich is a combination of:
Ut Asba
Vada Asba
VID Asba
Paz Asba

4. Rada Rich is a combination of:
Ut Rada
Vada Rada
VID Rada
Paz Rada

5. Gaja Rich is a combination of:
UtVid Gaja
UtPaz Gaja
VadaPaz Gaja
VadaVid Gaja

6. Rich is an orderly combination of:
Ut Mantri
Vada Mantri
VID Mantri
Paz Mantri

King PRATIMA is a combination of:
Vada Vedati Rich
Ut Vedati Rich
Asba Rich
Rada Rich
Gaja Rich
Mantri Rich

(24 drop items boss room = 6 Rich Pratima King = 1).

To combine each item into the item Rich, Rich, the item becomes King Pratima, we must enter chessboard. In each of the entrance room 1 (first) NPC can be found women who serve merge key chessboard.
NPC names first woman in the room:
Irina VadaPaz = Vidha
Irina Vadabid = Neutral
Irina Wootpbiz = Batara
Irina Wootpaz = Seti

So after we have the King Pratima then we can open the door to the room unseen Raphu. How, click on the NPC women (Telefote) in front of the room Raphu. Once we click on the NPC's, then automatically wall in the back of the NPC can we pass by running through (penetrate the wall). Every time we open the door to the room unseen Raphu, needed 1 King Pratima. So, after opening the door unseen, the King Pratima will be missing from our inventory.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

cheat rupee generator tantra tools

You certainly want to complement your knowledge to use cheat tantra in this website is not optimal? how you yearn to be rich in this game tantra?
how true it is very easy once.

have you heard Map Chaturangga that the content is the source of money and forging a stone's sizable price if we buy expensive in the Mandara for those who already know about the use of the cheat this may be only laugh to see my posting this, but whoa ... I only give information to special friends who have not yet know how easily into chaturangga full of money and stone noble ok we simply:

1 you live turn the cheat you have downloaded here.

2, please see the map there you enter the requested number on the map that need to be direct to your destination

3 because we sisini target the chaturangga is the map you live and enter the number 177 with the switch on the sign in his next

4. god you click chaturangga

5 finished.

is easy ... please destroy your party's monster that spew money sizable large stones and rocks noble you like. good try!

Additional from my map to go to the other you live to see the note below this map

Maphack with tantra tools

116 anu town
177 chaturangga
123 awal sambala dungeon lv1
118 camp of god`s force, town of ruins
125 awal mandara dungeon lv2
129 awal sambala dungeon lv2
134 jina town
140 shelter of exile
142 temple of mantra
144 mandara
161 frontline,righ defenset,left defence batara
162 frontline,righ defenset,left defence vidha
163 frontline,righ defenset,left defence sheti
190 emperor qins tomb entrance
470/576 raphu

Mudah2an chatur ga ancur kebanyakan orang :D .. nantikan posting selanjut nya

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Basic tutorial cheat engine 6 pointers

Pointers are wonderful. They posses great power. They are very useful. Like I said, VERY useful. Pointer is like arrow/line/finger that points specific address’s value. It will point it always, even if value will change its location. Most games now uses values changing addresses, so pointers are really important.
First, scan for value shown on the bottom of tutorial window. If you will find it, find out what writes to it, go to tutorial and change value. Now return to window that appeared after clicking “find out what writes to this address”. There should be some code. Click on it and select “More information” or just double click it. See code with red arrows on its left? If it points to code that’s between [ and ], look what is written under “The value of the pointer needed to find this address is probably” and Remember it. Now go to CE main window, and tick “Hex” box near window where you write value that you want to scan for. If you ticked it, in window next to this box should appear 00000000. Change it with remembered value and click First Scan. It should find one/few addresses. Now, look at left and down. You will see “Add address manually” button. Press it. New window should pop up. In it, tick “Pointer” box. After this, window should get longer. In Address of pointer write address(Address, no value! Address is this one on left, under “Address” label)which you found when you were scanning for hex value. In Offset (hex) write 0(yea, just zero). Click OK. In bottom window you should see new address, like P->xxxxxxxx, and next to it its value. If value is ??, you made something wrong.

Look a Books manually

In the previous step I explained how to use the Code finder to handle changing locations. But that method alone
makes it difficult to find the address to set the values you want.
Thats why there are pointers:

At the bottom you'll find 2 buttons. One will change the value, and the other changes the value AND the location of
the value.
For this step you dont really need to know assembler, but it helps a lot if you do.

First find the address of the value. When you've found it use the function to find out what writes to that address.
Change the value again, and a item will show in the list. Double click that item. (or select and click on more info) and
a new window will open with detailed information on what happened when the instruction ran.
If the assembler instruction doesnt have anything between a '[' and ']' then use another item in the list.
If it does it will say what it think will be the value of the pointer you need.
Go back to the main cheat engine window (you can keep this extra info window open if you want, but if you close it,
remember what is between the [ and ] ) and do a 4 byte scan in hexadecimal for the value the extra info told you.
When done scanning it may return 1 or a few hundred addresses. Most of the time the address you need will be the
smallest one. Now click on manually add and select the pointer checkbox.

The window will change and allows you to type in the address of a pointer and a offset.
Fill in as address the address you just found.
If the assembler instruction has a calculation (e.g: [esi+12]) at the end then type the value in thats at the end. else
leave it 0. If it was a more complicated instruction look at the calculation.

example of a more complicated instruction:
[EAX*2+EDX+00000310] eax=4C and edx=00801234.
In this case EDX would be the value the pointer has, and EAX*2+00000310 the offset, so the offset you'd fill in
would be 2*4C+00000310=3A8. (this is all in hex, use cal.exe from windows in scientific mode to calculate)

Back to the tutorial, click OK and the address will be added, If all went right the address will show P->xxxxxxx, with
xxxxxxx being the address of the value you found. If thats not right, you've done something wrong.
Now, change the value using the pointer you added in 5000 and freeze it. Then click Change pointer, and if all went
right the next button will become visible.

In this tutorial the value is actually pointed to by a pointer to a pointer, but to finish this tutorial only 1 pointer will be
needed. To find the pointer to this pointer, just search for what changes the value of the pointer.
If you know assembler, you may see something like
mov eax,[ebp-4]
mov eax,[eax+310]
Dont be confused by this. just use the value the extra info window tells you. ebp-4 points to the stack which
contained the pointer to this pointer, but the stack location does change all the time, so dont search for ebp, search
for the value of eax

if you failed:

1. Find value(this one in tutorial window)
2. Find out what writes to it
3. Change value and double click on just shown code in “Find out what…” window
4. Remember what is written under ” The value of the pointer needed to find this address is probably”
5. In Cheat engine tick “Hex” box(it’s under New Scan/First Scan)
6. Write remembered code and scan for it
7. If it found 1 address, remember it. If it found few, correct one is probably this one at the top. NOTE. Remember Address, no value! This is important!
8. Click “Add address manually” button
9. Tick “Pointer” box
10. In Address of pointer write remembered address
11. In Offset(Hex) leave 0
12. Click Ok
13. in bottom window look on new address

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Basic tutorial cheat engine 5 Code Finder

Ok scan for value that is in tutorial. If you got this far by yourself, you have to be able to find it. Once you found correct one, add it to Cheat List. Now right click on it and choose “Find out what writes to this address”. Confirmation window will pop up, click YES. Now you can see empty window with some unclickable buttons.
Looks this manual book:
Sometimes the location something is stored at changes when you restart the game, or even while you're playing.. In
that case you can use 2 things to still make a table that
In this step I'll try to descibe how to use the Code Finder function.

The value down here will be at a different location each time you start the tutorial, so a normal entry in the address
list wouldn't work.
First try to find the address. (you've got to this point so I assume you know how to)
When you've found the address, right-click the address in Cheat Engine and choose "Find out what writes to this
address". A window will pop up with an empty list.
Then click on the Change value button in this tutorial, and go back to Cheat Engine. If evrything went right there
should be an address with assembler code there now.
Click it and choose the replace option to replace it with code that does nothing. That will also add the code address
to the code list in the advanced options window. (Wich gets saved if you save your table)

Click on stop, so the game will start running normal again, and close to close the window.
Now, click on Change value, and if everything went right the Next button should become clickable.

Ok go to tutorial and click Change Value. Return to blank window. Some strange line of letters will appear in it. Click on it once and then press Replace(button to the right). Choose any name you want, you won’t need it now and click OK. Click Stop and then Close to return to Cheat Engine main window. Ok I’m explaining what you just did:
You replaced code that was responsible for changing value with nothing, so now Change Value button in tutorial window will NOT work. Want to see? Go ahead to tutorial and click Change value. See? Once you did it, Next button should be available. Click it to proceed to the last step

click here for details

Basic tutorial cheat engine 4 floating points

Here we have to find value for HP and ammo and change them to 5000 or higher. Do it same as previous, but instead of 4 bytes Value Type look for Float(if you scan for HP) or Double(if you scan for ammo). If you need explanation, here it is:
Change Value Type to Float,
Scan Type to Exact Value and look for [amount of HP]. Use exact value with floats and doubles ONLY if value you look for do not have numbers behind dot(91.56). If it has, use some other options like Value Between… and write here… you know what. If somehow you don’t know, here is example(I have 56.81321384321964 HP, so I will write in Value Between… 56 and 57, or 56.8 and 56.9 for more precise scanning). Of course you can use others if you want.
Once you found HP value, double click on it to add it to bottom list(let’s call this list Cheat List). Now do the same but change scan type to Double and look for ammo(you can use Values Between too if you want).
If you will find both addresses, change their values to 5000 or higher

as a tutorial in that program cheat engine if you read the manual program like this:

In the previous tutorial we used bytes to scan, but some games store information in so called 'floating point' notations.
(propably to prevent simple memory scanners from finding it the easy way)
a floating point is a value with some digits behind the point. (like 5.12 or 11321.1)

Below you see your health and ammo. Both are stored as Floating point notations, but health is stored as a float and
ammo is stored as a double.
Click on hit me to lose some health, and on shoot to decrease your ammo with 0.5

You have to set BOTH values to 5000 or higher to proceed.

Exact value scan will work fine here, but you may want to experiment with other types too.

Hint: It is recommended to disable "Fast Scan" for type float.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Basic tutorial cheat engine 3 initial value

we enter the third step
Ok here you must find the value stored in the bar and change to 5000. Same as before, but here we do not have the right What value can be stored in it? One thing is sure - the value from 0 to 500.
He will take the road too long to find the value of using each type of scan appropriate value. So here we must find the "initial value is not known." Scan type and click the vote in the first scan. Need to find the address (the address found that all save the 4-byte value, unless you choose another type of value). So to reducethis small, we have two options:

1. Easier (for beginners) - After the first scan click on "Hit Me" in the tutorial, go to the machine and cheat, change the type of scan to Decrease the value (you know why, cause we will find a decrease in value, and is one of our health) and Next click Scan. Need to find some addresses. Our address is 0 - 500, so to see the same one. If you find more than one, and you are not sure which one, you can click on "Hit Me" and check the decline, or click on "Hit Me" and to Decrease Value scan again. Your choice.

2. Quick (you must remember to decrease the value if you want to use this one) - After the first scan click on "Hit Me" in the tutorial, go to the machine and cheated, type of scan chagne to Decrease value by ... and write here the amount of lost HP (if you click "Hit me" time again, you must decrease the amount of each number) and click Next Scan (example: I clicked 5hp Hit me and I lost, so I write 5). Need to find only 1, at least, only some value.

Ok now we have a value that is stored in the bar, change it to 5000 (if you sell yourself to this step, I assume that you can do).

you can see in the program manually cheat engine on the part of the contents such as the three below:

Ok, seeing that you've figured out how to find a value using exact value let's move on to the next step.

In the previous test we knew the initial value so we could do a exact value, but now we have a statusbar where
we dont know the starting value.
We only know that the value is between 0 and 500. And each time you click 'hit me' you lose some health. The
ammount you lose each time is shown above the statusbar.

Again there are several different ways to find the value. (like doing a decreased value by... scan), but I'll only
explain the easiest. "Unknown initial value", and decreased value.
Because you dont know the value it is right now, a exact value wont do any good, so choose as scantype
'Unknown initial value', again, the value type is 4-bytes. (most windows apps use 4-bytes)
click first scan and wait till it's done.

When it is done click 'hit me'. You'll lose some of your health. (the ammount you lost shows for a few seconds and
then disapears, but you dont need that)
Now go to Cheat Engine, and choose 'Decreased Value' and click 'Next Scan'
When that scan is done, click hit me again, and repeat the above till you only find a few.

We know the value is between 0 and 500, so pick the one that is most likely the address we need, and add it to
the list.
Now change the health to 5000
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Basic tutorial cheat engine 2 excat value scanning

In this step you have to find health value and change it to 1000.You will learn here how use Exact Value Scanning and for what is it. Let’s say that you play some game, and with each hit we lose some HP(health). Now force enemy to hit you(click “Hit me” button below your health). As you can see, your health decreased. Now go to Cheat Engine, in Scan Type choose Exact Value, in Value Type choose 4 Bytes

type number of your health in window above Scan Type and click First Scan(If you already have scanned before, cause you were curious or you wanted to click this button, you will have New Scan instead of First Scan. Click it and then do what I just said). Below computer icon(this one in top left corner) you can see “Found:”. It shows you how many addresses with value matching to one you wrote were found. If there are too many(“too many” are when addresses are not displayed in window below “found:”, in CE v5.3 there is probably no limit for displayed addresses...), click New Scan and get hurt once again(by clicking on “Hit me” in tutorial window). Type in CE new HP value and click First Scan. Do it until some addresses will be displayed in window below “found:”. Of course there are more ways to find correct value, but this tutorial heading is “Exact Value Scanning”, so we will use only this option.
Ok when you have displayed few addresses, go to tutorial (Leave CE as it is, with these addresses in the list) and click “Hit me”. Go to CE, look on found addresses list and find decreased value(previously every address was equal to number of health before this hit. So when previously your health were 96, look for value smaller than this one, but at once it have to be equal to new health number). Example: I had 96HP, and after that hit I lost 5, so now I have 91. So I have to look for 91 value, while almost every other will be 96. So our will differ from others, which makes it easy to find.
Once we found it, click on it and press red arrow pointing to left/down, or just double click on it. It will show in window on bottom of CE. There you can see 5 labels: Freeze(If it’s ticked, value of address in same line will be froze/stopped, it will not be able to change), Description(as it says, you can add it by yourself), Address(shows address), Value Type(Shows type of value stored in address in same line), Value(shows value stored in address in same line). Our objective is to change HP value to 1000, so double click on value. New window will open with current amount of value. Change it to 1000 and click OK. If everything went ok, you should be able to click Next in tutorial window to go to next step. If you can’t that means that you changed value to wrong one, or you changed wrong value(you have wrong address).

you can see a tutorial on the cheat engine in the program that you have to install it notes are as follows:

You see at the bottom of this window the text Health: xxx
Each time you click 'Hit me' your health gets decreased.

To get to the next step you have to find this value and change it to 1000

To find the value there are different ways, but I'll tell you about the easiest, 'Exact Value':
First make sure value type is set to at least 2 bytes or 4 bytes, 1 byte will also work, but you'll run into a
(easy to fix) problem when you've found the address and want to change it. The 8-byte may perhaps works if the
after the address are 0, but I wouldn't take the bet.
Single, double, and the other scans just dont work, because they store the value in a different way.

When the value type is set correctly, make sure the scantype is set to 'Exact Value'
Then fill in the number your health is in the value box. And click 'First Scan'
After a while (if you have a extremly slow pc) the scan is done and the results are shown in the list on the
the number of addresses it found are less than the number below that list)

If you find more than 1 address and you dont know for sure wich address it is, click 'Hit me', fill in the new
value into the value box, and click 'Next Scan'
repeat this untill you're sure you've found it. (that includes that there's only 1 address in the list.....)

Now double click the address in the list on the left. This makes the address pop-up in the list at the bottom,
showing you the current value.
Double click the value, (or select it and press enter), and change the value to 1000.

If everything went ok the next button should become enabled, and you're ready for the next step.

If you did anything wrong while scanning, click "New Scan" and repeat the scanning again.
Also, try playing arround with the value and click 'hit me'

do not assume easily remember all this please read these steps carefully

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Basic tutorial cheat engine 1

This tutorial contains 6 basic steps of cheats engine. before you do the more there is good will you learn the basics pengggunaan cheat engine below because I have control if you cheat the basis of the engine then you can easily penetrate all the existing online game now. note both good steps below:

1.First open Cheat Engine if it hasn't been opened yet.
Then click on the 'open process' icon. (top left icon, with the computer on it)

2.When the process window is open find this tutorial. The process name is probably 'tutorial.exe' unless you renamed me.

3.Select it, and click ok. Just ignore all the other buttons right now, but experiment with them later if you feel like it.

4.When everything went right, the process window should be gone now and at the top of CE the processname is

5.Now, click NEXT to continue to the next step. (Or fill in the password to proceed to that particular step you want)

it simple proccess ok, wait for the next post
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Tutorial cheats code with cheat engine

You may be curious with the cheats in this one compare with the other cheat, cheats engine has a very distinctive advantages comparing other cheats.

why? because the nature of its open source and free, anyone can modify and change the setting cheats engine with a very easy below I will give a tutorial movie cheats engines each edition is complete. you only need to view and try on your own.

Download and install tutorial

Setting tutorial

sorry I can not give directly to the video tutorial tantra Onlines but you can see on my next post for the begin with my tutor .i hope patient
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Monday, November 10, 2008

Duplicats Item Hacks On Tantra Online

How i can gets duplikats Item on tantra onlines? its simple proccess
You never hear much in the game tantra someone has a weapon + + 11 weapons to some fruit? I'd like a secret that during this very rarely in the know of many people and this really can be proved by my own but because the code of ethics sorry I will not post the results of the screen shoot duplicate this item.

actually this is not a secret anymore because of the many players who know the secret tantra this. not only in the post is confidential.

ok we just started ,,,,,

try to read carefully my posting below:

Step 1:

you never see the announcement in 5 minutes server will restart please user logout by GM? But this is the embryo duplicate items in tantra online.awas do not miss the event as the focus you need to consider the announcement.

Step 2:

After the announcement prepare armor or weapons that you will duplicate the situation you are in character.

Step 3:

prepare different character ID with you for the character to complete the transaction immediately with the characters you own

Step 4:

restart the server after you live eQUIP see whether you return to the original characters so if you do successfully duplicate items that this very lucky.

If there is a tutorial from my acknowledgments.
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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Setting MapHack Tantra Online

Postings this time also based on requests from friends who still can not Maphack settings in the Tools tantra, you only need to know the location or the position of the map you want by pressing Me on the keyboard so you can know the coordinates of the position you how easy is not it?

Map position see below left
See Map postion small version

live input into the setting tantra tools you.

sizable spending money to buy jiba
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Setting Speed hack tantra tools

The use of the cheat in the game world is a dilemma for gammers own and there is no pro-contra, honestly I would also not approve the use of the cheat is very harmful because the player who wants to play for the saturated after beraktifitas busy every day. only when the cheat outstanding and there is no response from the server game I try to give more information to the player who was in rugikan only to be in my ability to provide the information below I would like to elucidate on setting speed hacks in this tantra tools. setting because if you do not comply with the request that the server is a script error occurs and you will be disconnected from the server because the script in your computer is not in accordance with the script on the server. You may never see the characters Deva capable of running as flying at high speed is not

try setting speed hack this one (though special to add cool Deva):

Step 1:

the second run as usual tools that you have previous downloads

Step 2: setting speed to 500

Step 3: Position the characters you walk in (do not run)

Step 4: good try: D

why should Deva / garuda? one character that is very cool and I are running at high speed.

hopefully useful.. click here for details

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Origins Cristal from

Well, it's my blog suitcase full of the same posting, but the material is so minimal it's just looks while drinking or while hunting running far from a tough boss have hardened here, my future: D

You have a tough or with the name Cristal. I try posting here from SC Rhapu.

If you would like to direct you to be tough to make the key derived from all the monster in the chaturangga Hobbes you can not kill this monster alone, if I, rhapu can killed in the use 2 char Archer, 1 nakayuda 1 vidya (support) minimum required lv 80 + +

I guild you already have the means to live condition make or buy a key dimandara many thin.

If the first and I asked who would please post here ..... thanks click here for details

Best Tantra Player 2008

When I find money in the fraudulent chaturangga you doing for a long time friend has rarely play again tantra, fraudulent ask him where I just did not seem thin in the TOI? ugh he is lazy new day TOI cheater all zzzzzzzzzzzzz ..... I can actually I wanted to correct what TOI cheater all. trusting that it depends on your so-called kan.kalo according to the cheater I was have all the cheater than just 3 or 4 people, being peeved .. I pity you do not have a box for pills cheat the same lv ahmarah been wearing cheat .. what can the opponent? ? so I now I average so thin that he is a player in the rugikan because of the cheat so again depending on the game you play shrewdness. Correct? ...

ketemen my back was that he was playing at Tantra Extreme and a more surprising to him again lv bro zzzz ahmarah 100. I believe?

I ask him from his SC .

I try to see cool .. Indonesia was the basic standards games where great: D

when PG I have eQUIP rich eight... ?? click here for details

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cara penggunaan cheat tantra november 2008

To request from the player that most have not understand the use of the cheat programs that it has little in legal by the GM: P I try to help with the screen shoot that I take a direct use of games in this tantra.

actual use of the cheat this is not so difficult to try to shoot you see the screen below carefully

step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

I think I have a screen shoot this clear enough to make you thin, I had tried to cheat in this tantra hopefully after viewing screenshoot above, you can use it well
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Monday, November 3, 2008

How to free Downloads

Here I provide a free download link that you can directly download without any payment or regist but because the average file that I provided the form of the archive then you must use winrar or WinZip to open the files have been downloaded you have to download thxs

please download winrar here click here for details

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kruma: Places combat the deity 3

Tantra is a world where humans and deities live in a peaceful atmosphere and on. One day, the devil appears Mara and create chaos in the world of tantra. Terusik any atmosphere of peace, so that the Gods and humans trying to destroy the devil Mara to achieve peace. Satan also successfully defeated Mara and victory for the deity and human.

But after the chaos strikes again. The god of chaos comes from the world to maintain balance. Tantra is the balance of the world during this has been kept missing after the death of one of the main deity and the loss of one of the other deities. Being a mutual distrust and blame one another. Finally, the trust also split into 3 parts, the difference in confidence among its adherents, so the battle between the different confidence. The holy places are disfigured by anger and hatred. Kruma, the holy land was a place of peace and change on a battlefield in the world's largest Tantra. Wide area of the region to defend the god battle each other and the strength to prove that the god is most correct.

Finally, each of the main temple founded didaerah Kruma to strengthen his faith. Every temple gates placed guard-guard with a variety of weapons to anticipate the attack came.

Kruma Patch:


In Kruma, you will find the item, monster, the new weapon. That monster in Kruma far more difficult than the previous. You will also find rare items and rare Armor, who had never found before. In each temple also like the city, there is a seller npc and nun. So, if we die in the midst of contention, we immediately re-appear at the temple each.

There are 3 local areas, namely areas Bhatara, Vidha and Sethi. Each region is maintained by the guard-guard who is ready to attack the enemy. In each region there is a large temple 1 is a place of worship the deity. Each temple there are 3 balls in a large Kala Core. Kala Core is a collection of mantras, mantras form the core ball defense that symbolizes the strength of their respective Gods and we should not taken up other people.

God's War

Besides Kruma place of worship the main deity, is also a regional war between deity (God War). Players here can kill other player without getting karma (PK = Off). Each player who successfully kill the other player will get 50 Trizen. For the player who killed will not be reduced pointnya prana, but will be reduced Trizennya Point and 50% rupee. When you lose a player and not have Trizen point, will lose EXP and 50% of the rupee. To win the war, Player must destroy at Core. After dissolving the evening at Core, Player must take at the Core is not bermantra again. Each player can only bring 1 at Core. One of the deities must have 5 Kala Core and placed on the altar at Core to win the race and raise the NPC for Teleport to Chaturanga, the District of the region in mid.


Chaturanga is in the skills of each player and all the guild in 1 deity will cooperate and will be tested to the maximum. The player can also get the most rare items. When you can win the war in Chaturanga, who last Players will get the point of life and aura. click here for details

Intro tantra online

Unlike the other games, games that adopted many myths
west mid-century, based on the myth TANTRA India
Thus the ancient TANTRA create unique and different. Deep
TANTRA this game, can be found various areas and regions
Asia is exotic and beautiful.

Dungeons and area / room under the broad land

Area / maps that are in TANTRA very broad, different
with another RPG that has a map but
small extent. In addition, also offers TANTRA
a number of Dungeon / area below ground, even the special area
that was prepared specifically for the players to do
hostilities and rivalry between the deity.

8 unique characters

In TANTRA there are 4 classes and 8 tribes. Each tribe
equipped with clothing, unique items, plus
with the facilities and increase the skill level to the characters
improve the ability tempurnya.

Graph of high quality

Asian games area, including India based on myths
ancient that can make players feel it is in
feel different as in the movie. Plus
with more than 600 unique buildings and various
The special natural atmosphere. All this is packed in
graph of high quality.

Quest System diverse

Tantra is not the only game that offers
batte or rivalry to the players, players
can follow the various stories that have QUEST
ending with three / vary depending on the end of
deity who chose. Coupled with the various
QUEST that can be followed by players in accordance with
increased level of character development.

Community Games for socializing

Basically is possible to play
TANTRA alone, but the players can get
various experiences and benefits with more
play with other friends. Deep
TANTRA also adopted a system called the guild

Trading & Store Opening

For players who like to trade, Tantra
provide features "shop" for all the characters. Every
of the tribe that can be selected by the players can
utilize the facilities "shop" and conduct activities
sale with the other players. Place on karaktermu
The strategic position, open shop facilities and other players
the past will be able to see directly the goods
you offer, and deal directly. When the goods
daganganmu have been sold out, the store will close in
Automatic click here for details

makro untuk multi tantra

Artikel ini merupakan kelanjuta buat kamu yang hoby makro dengan menggunakan 2 char arti nya ke dua char kamu bisa makro secara berbarengan itu pun tergantung speak komputer kamu. tapi biasanya speak komputer yang di pergunakan untuk speak warnet sudah cukup memadai,mungkin kamu sudah memiliki tools makro ini (ini saya sediakan buat yang belum punya kok).

makro ini sudah di lengkapi dengan fastcast, cast on, speedhack, map hack keren bukan

silahkan download di sini

untuk password nya download di sini

silahkan mendwonload gratis kok ga usah pake registrasi click here for details

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tantra History

Tantra name is a name that comes from
the god of the ancient language means is a world
where human and deity live together.
It exists already started even before the
he is the first living creatures in this world.

There is no historical record of the relevant history
the creation of this world. However, one thing is clear that
This world is the world's choice of deity, and has become
place of living for those who had not recovered from
injured last war and also as a place
MARA protection from Satan.

In the southern high plains, there are Mandara
The eight areas inhabited by eight tribes, and
between each tribe inhabited the area that is
four holy land.

Deva tribes settling the east coast island. Tribe
Garuda live in the southern region that has
subtropical. Naga tribes living in the area of the archipelago
Mandara south. Rakshasa tribes living in the region
timbered tropical rain on the southern tip of the archipelago
Mandara. Kimnara tribes living in desert areas in the
Mandara western island. In the northwest island
Mandara and the northeast desert region, there are
The area where the loud and wild tribes live Ashura.
Gandharva tribes living in high mountain areas north
Mandara, and Yaksha tribe occupy territory Prairie
the east, where Gandharva life.

Community to give the name of the four holy land located
on four points, namely north, east, south and west
Mandara plateau as Jaganath (east),
Rameswaram (south), Varanasi (West) and Dwarka (north).
However, not be the meaning of
dikandung by the name of each of the selected
or what the secret is in the holy land.

City Mandara

Mandara Plateau is located on the center of the world TANTRA,
Open-facing portal Shambala. Past
Mandara known that the plateau created on the composition
layer of granite that erosion, climate change and
the weather in a long period of time.

The plateau is almost entirely enclosed by land,
and can be rooted trees that strong.
In this, for the first time mankind
and the god of coexistence, together for centuries
a long time. Outside Gate Shambala there
Shambala palace where the deity Trizen: BATHARA, VIDHA,
SETHI and live together. This third deity
the task of maintaining world TANTRA balance.

what's with the sad story is a sad up here
I'm ready, my grief with you to make. click here for details

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cheat tantra online from indonesia

This edition is a continuation of the edition cheat tantra is a tolerable life in a lot of people here that I post the people who cheat in order not to cheat can use this, for which they already have them, please take it up again will make the collection, but you would have the more powerful had you please share here yachh fair though it was much more warr I use a lot cheat ... I live just download the packages do not do regist does gnomes especially the longer you war

deskription: fastcast, nodelay,speedhack, wallhack, fasthunt and 1 hit.

You must be Download 2 toll below :

andy download

Tantra tools download

run second parallel tools

search pointer htlauncher.exe

you must use to run these tools, both before its first patch tantra tools nya.please tray own because I love the information can later Jump information again and I certainly love my love's like:) click here for details

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cara otomatis dapet prana

Prana memang di dunia tantra sangat dikejar oleh setiap player pkok nya gimana caranya tiap hari prana karakter kita bertambah kadangkala kita sampai sakit-sakit buat nguber yang satu ini, karena dengan bertambah nya prana tiap hari yahh otomatis deh level naik

tapi untuk pemain lama di dunia Tantra hal tersebut sudah bukan masalah lagi karena sudah banyak tool tools atau software yang secara otomatis membuat karakter bergerak membunuh monster untuk mendapatkan prana jadi player tidak perlu repot-repot melakukannya secara manual atau E dan R sambil berhadapan muka dengan komputer kesayangan kita

Di artikel ini saya coba untuk menerangkan sekaligus memberikan links khusus untuk mendownload program tersebut secara gratis tis tis tanpa persaratan apapun untuk player yang masih pemula.karena saya yakin player yang sudah berpengalaman akan tertawa terbahak-bahak melihat artikel ini, bahkan untuk mendapatkan software ini kamu tidak perlu melakukan registrasi .
berikut langkah2 yang harus kamu lakukan :

Langkah 1

Download software tersebut di sini untuk khusus software makro

Langkah 2

Jalankan Tantra exe di komputer anda

Langkah 3

extrak software

Langkah 4

Jalankan MozTools

Setting dengan benar tergantung dari karakter masing-masing

lihat gambar di bawah ini untuk lebih jelas nya

untuk suport mungkin lebih baik memakai tools makro suport
bagai mana mudah bukan .... daripada tangan kriting pencet E sama R ,(bisa di gunakan juga untuk login multi)mudah mudahan bermanfaat. click here for details

Friday, October 17, 2008

Cheat free tantra online from cheat engine

Cheat engine merupakan cheat game yang mudah sekali penggunaannya dan dapat di pergunakan pada setiap game tergantung patch game tersebut. pada saat saya posting cheat ini masih berjalan dengan baik di game TOI silahkan ikuti tutorial nya dengan baik
mudah-mudahan berguna.

Langkah 1 : Download cheat engine sini
Langkah 2 : exstrax file lalu install
Langkah 3: jalankan cheat engine.exe yang sudah terinstall
Langkah 4:

Langkah5 :

Langkah terakhir:
Selesai silahkan mengamuk di kruma dan siap di triakin orang ... Chiterrrrrrrrrr>>>

film tutorial penggunaan cheat engine 5.3

Resiko tanggung sendiri ya soal nya saya cuma pakai waktu tester aja wakakak click here for details

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

cools accesoris oktober

Today I would like to post what confused fun while drinking coffee and burning a roko Dji Sam Soe capture screen shots from accessories, no hope, with your opinions with me about my accessories.

Save what you believe 7? (click the image he's Lookit more clearly), graphics, still eight days of packing up 7 hole for mast ya.tapi gapapa I thin it's cool to make it bearable war: D click here for details

List rare

Below is a list of weapons is rare that you may never get it and then sell them at the NPC careful not selling one!

Kindjal of Thunder
Drop : Azna Heruka (Shambala)
Stat : 1h Sword, atk 27-29, Lightning atk 40-50, Lightning Resist 20, Muscle 5, Nerve 5

Kindjal of Deadly Poison
Drop : Heruka (Shambala)
Stat : 1h Sword, atk 27-29, Poison atk 25-35, Accuracy 25, Poison Resist 15, Muscle 5

Ara of Deadly Poison
Drop : Sarpa (Mandara Dungeon lv2)
Stat : 1h Sword, atk 32-36, Poison atk 35-45, Poison Resist 25, Heart 7, Nerve 3

Strong Ara
Drop : Sarpa Raja (Mandara Dungeon lv2)
Stat : 1h Sword, atk 32-36, Poison 40-50, Muscle 7, Heart 7, Accuracy 10

Bisa Dantaka = Talwar of Deadly Poison
Drop : Nagamudra (Shambala Dungeon)
Stat : 1h Sword, atk 46-50, Poison atk 60-70, Poison Resist 20, Muscle 7, Heart 7

Talwar of Origin Warrior
Drop : White Tiger (Jina)
Stat : 1h Sword, atk 51-55, Accuracy 30, 20%chance increase attack 100%, HP 50

Talwar of Warrior
Drop : Zarku Rudhira (Shambala Dungeon)
Stat : 1h Sword, atk 51-55, All chakra 5, All elemental Resist 10, Accuracy 20

Strong Pattra
Drop : Tarantula (Shambala)
Stat : 2h Sword, atk 60-66, 20%chance increase attack 100%, Muscle 5, Heart 5

Pattra of Curse
Drop : Tarantula Caura (Mandara Dungeon Lv1)
Stat : 2h Sword, atk 60-66, 20%chance increase attack 100%, Nerve 7, HP 50, TP 50

Ravfi Vuvury / Rauti Kukri
Drop : Bull Boss (Exile)
Stat : 2h Sword, atk 73-81, Lightning atk 50-100, Lightning Resist 5, Muscle 3, Heart 3

Aruba Aksara
Drop : ?
Stat : 2h Sword, atk 176-203, 20%chance increase attack 100%, Muscle 7, HP 40, def 40

Hima Kinjar / Hima Khanjar
Drop : Lizard Boss (Pamir)
Stat : Dagger, atk 24-36, Ice atk 50-100, Ice Resist 10, Nerve 5

Suraka of the Muscle
Drop : Mangriang (Jina)
Stat : Dagger, atk 29-43, Muscle 7, Nerve 3, Accuracy 25

Suraka of the Wild Beast
Drop : Ape Boss (Jina)
Stat : Dagger, atk 29-43, ignore defense 15%, Muscle 5, HP 50

9.1.3 SPEAR
Trizika of Life
Drop : Ananga Dhvanta (Shambala)
Stat : Spear, 67-101, HP 80, ignore defense-attack+10%

Trizika of Destruction / Demolition
Drop : Ananga (Shambala)
Stat : Spear, atk 67-101, Muscle 7, Heart 7

Yakatu Engkus
Drop : Old Fox (Exile)
Stat : Spear, atk 87-130, Reduce Fire/Ice/Lightning Resist 20 for 5 seconds

Kisu of Origin Warrior
Drop : Ulkamukha (Shambala)
Stat : 1h Axe, atk 30-40, Muscle 5, Heart 5, Nerve 5

Strong Kisu
Drop : Ulkamukha Caura (Shambala)
Stat : 1h Axe, atk 30-40, Accuracy 20, Lightning Resist 15

Agni Kisu / Agi Kisu
Drop : Ulkamukha Satvan
Stat : 1h Axe, atk 30-40, Fire atk 30-50, Fire Resist 15, Muscle 5, Nerve 5

Hirana of Deadly Poison
Drop : Lady Ghost (Jina)
Stat : 1h Axe, atk 49-66, Poison atk 50-100, Poison Resist 15, Muscle 5, Heart 5

Lu Berdysh
Drop : NAROMA, BALI, Ugra Ulkamukha (Shambala)
Stat : 2h Axe, atk 50-68, Lightning atk 30-40, Muscle 5, Heart 5, Lightning Resist 15

Hima Berdysh
Drop : Ugra Ulkamukha Caura (Shambala)
Stat : 2h Axe, atk 50-68, Ice atk 30-40, Nerve 5, Heart 5, Ice Resist 15

Strong Berdysh
Drop : Ugra Ulkamukha Satvan (Shambala)
Stat : 2h Axe, atk 50-68, 20% chance atk+100%

Dead Person's Rohiparaz
Drop : Zombie Caura (Mandara Dungeon lv2)
Stat : 2h Axe, atk 81-110, Ice atk 50-60, Heart 9, def 20

Mara's Kaja
Drop : Serbinda (Mandara)
Stat : Mace, atk 23-28, Evasion 20, Muscle 5, Heart 5

Tapas Lagda
Stat : Mace, atk 45-55, TP -5, HP 50, TP 50

Hima Ghana
Drop : Balastha Tundela (Pamir)
Stat : Mace, atk 54-66, Ice atk 50-100, Ice Resist 10, Muscle 5

Ghana of Muscle
Drop : Jina Laborman Boss (Jina)
Stat : Mace, atk 54-66, Muscle 10, HP 50

Dhana of Mantra
Drop : Tree (Exile)
Stat : Mace, atk 54-66, Muscle 10, Spirit 20, 20% chance atk+80%

Mara's Nakhara
Drop : NAROMA, Serbinda (Mandara)
Stat : Glove, atk 25-31, Accuracy 20, Muscle 5, Heart 5

Tapas Karasna
Drop : Visatula Caura (Mandara Dungeon)
Stat : Glove, atk 53-65, TP -2, Muscle 7, Heart 7

Karasuna of Gushu / Karasna of Gushu
Drop : Bull (Pamir)
Stat : Glove, atk 53-65, ignore def-attack+20%, Nerve 5

Abila Ratni
Drop :
Stat : Glove, atk ?-?, 20% chance increase attack 100%, Nerve 7, TP 40, Accuracy 20

Lu Vajradhara
Drop : Aggana Tara (Shambala)
Stat : 1h Staff, atk 35-42, Lightning Resist 20, HP 100, Spirit 5

Agni Vajradhara
Drop : Pizac Aggana (Shambala)
Stat : 1h Staff, atk 35-42, Fire Resist 20, Heart 10, Spirit 5

Vajra of the Dead / Dead Person's Vajra
Drop : Zombie (Mandara Dungeon)
Stat : 1h Staff, atk 43-53, Ice Resist 30, Heart 5, Spirit 5

Hima Zalas
Drop : Bat (Pamir)
Stat : 1h Staff, atk 54-66, Ice atk 5-5, Ice resist 10

Rauti Zalas
Drop : Ghorayogi (Shambala Dungeon Lv1)
Stat : 1h Staff, atk 54-66, Lightning Resist 30, HP 50, TP 50, Spirit 7

Indriya Kasa
Drop : ?
Stat : 1h Staff, atk ?-?, all attack +5%, TP 35, Evasion 30

Agni Vera
Drop : Cow (Pamir)
Stat : 2h Staff, atk 67-82, Fire skill atk 5%-5%, Fire Resist 15

Pataka of Flame
Drop : Smell Ghost, Hell Soldier (Exile)
Stat : 2h Staff, atk 81-99, Fire skill atk 5%-5%, Fire Resist 15

Ina Sunetra
Drop : ?
Stat : 2h Staff, atk 162-193, all attack +10%, TP 40, Def 30

Hard Hastacapa
Drop : NAROMA, Ugra Mlecchas Karmana (Mandara Dungeon lv1)
Stat : Bow, atk 55-83, HP 75, atk reduced 5-5, Range +2, TP +100

Hastacapa of Deadly Poison
Drop : MURRDI, Mermam (Jina)
Stat : Bow, atk 55-83, Poison atk 50-100, Poison Resist 15, Nerve 5, Heart 5

Agni Urnacapa
Drop : NUZAGAMA, Bull King (Exile)
Stat : Bow, atk 73-109, Fire atk 50-100, Fire Resist 5, Nerve 5, Heart 5

Rada Bakurakava of Gurapa
Drop : Special Event
Stat : Bow, atk 96-144, ignore wound 20%, Nerve 5

Atani Bau
Drop : ?
Stat : Bow, atk 150-219, Nerve 7, TP 40, Evasion 20

Bahamut's Jirastra
Drop : Serbinda (Mandara)
Stat : Headgear, def 4, HP 20

Turate of Adana
Drop : Serbinda (Mandara)
Stat : Headgear, def 8, HP 5

Shuipara of Gurapa
Drop : Serbinda Satvan (Mandara)
Stat : Headgear, def 12, ignore wound 3%

Bahamut's Gana
Drop : Serbinda (Mandara)
Stat : Armor, def 20, HP 30

Achada Armor of Adhana
Drop : Serbinda (Mandara)
Stat : Armor, def 30, HP 5

Varman Armor of Grava
Drop : Serbinda Satvan (Mandara)
Stat : Armor, def 40, ignore wound 3%

Bahamut's Zvas
Drop : Serbinda (Mandara)
Stat : Pants, def 16, HP 30

Achada Pants of Adana
Drop : Serbinda (Mandara)
Stat : Pants, def 24, HP 5

Varman Pants of Gurapa
Drop : Serbinda Satvan (Mandara)
Stat : Pants, def 30, ignore wound 3%

Bahamut's Nakha
Drop : Serbinda (Mandara)
Stat : Glove, def 3, HP 20

Achada Glove of Adana
Drop : Serbinda (Mandara)
Stat : Glove, def 5, HP 5

Baruman Gloves of Gurapa
Drop : Serbinda Satvan (Mandara)
Stat : Glove, def 7, Ignore wound 3%

Jukra Glove of Darkness
Drop : Huh
Stat : Glove, def 42, 'Menaikan tingkat peleburan senjata +1'

Bahamut's Patika
Drop : Serbinda (Mandara)
Stat : Boots, def 4, HP 20

Leather Upana of Adana
Drop : Serbinda (Mandara)
Stat : Boots, def 7, HP 5

Arapada of Adana
Drop : Serbinda Satvan (Mandara)
Stat : Boots, def 10, absorb wound 3%

Artha Boots of Darkness
Drop : ?
Stat : Boots for Naga/Kimnara Lv 70, def 60, HP 100, TP 100

Leather Hira of Caulitara
Drop : Kaulitara (Shambala)
Stat : Belt, def 4, HP regen rate +40

Rohachavi of Life
Drop : Balastha Tundela, Balastha Drbhika, Bat Boss (Pamir)
Stat : Belt, def 6, HP 50, HP regen rate +30

Rohachavi of Spells
Drop : Flower (Exile)
Stat : Belt, def 6, TP 50, TP regen rate +30

Savitri Phalaka
Drop : BALI, Kavanda Jatu (Mandara Dungeon)
Stat : Shield, def 64, recover received wound/Reflect 15%

Yakatu Phalaka *
Drop : Kavanda Raja (Mandara Dungeon)
Stat : Shield, def 64, Fire/Ice/Lightning Resist 20

Wild Carman / Karuman of Wild
Drop : Ape (Jina)
Stat : Shield, def 77, Muscle 5, Nerve 5, Absorb wound 15%

Sumati Chagala Kalkan of Bahamut
Drop : Special Event
Stat : Shield, def 110, TP 5, Spirit 3

Karna of Brave = Skill Karna
Drop : Varaha Raja (Mandara)
Stat : Earring, HP 20, Muscle 4, Heart 2

Karna of Magic
Drop : Aprah Varaha Raja (Mandara)
Stat : Earring, HP 20, TP 20

Karna of Sorcery
Drop : Varaha (Mandara)
Stat : Earring, Spirit 5, HP 20

Karna of Life = Life Kakana of Ajaka
Drop : Boa, Aprah Varaha Raja (Mandara)
Stat : Earring, HP 20, Heart 6

Bangle of Sorcery/Spell
Drop : Mlecchas Karmana (Mandara)
Stat : Bracelet, All chakra +3

Bangle of Life = Life Bangle of Bahamut
Drop :
Stat : Bracelet, HP 30

Bangle of Magic = Spell Bangle of Bahamut
Drop :
Stat : Bracelet, TP 30

Strong Kamvu
Drop : Monk Ghost (Pamir)
Stat : Bracelet, def 5, HP 45

Kamvu of Spell
Drop : Jina Laborman (Jina)
Stat : Bracelet, Nerve 7, TP 50

Ran of Brave
Drop : Vasabhum, Mlecchas Caura (Mandara)
Stat : Ring, Muscle 5, Accuracy 5

Ran of Luck
Drop : Vasabhum Caura (Mandara)
Stat : Ring, Heart 5, Evasion 5

Ran of Life
Drop : Vasabhum Kulapra (Mandara)
Stat : Ring, Spirit 5, HP 20

Agni Mudra *
Drop :
Stat : Ring, HP 20, Fire resist 10

Hima Mudra *
Drop : Vrcadara (Mandara)
Stat : Ring, HP 20, Ice resist 10

Rauti Mudra *
Drop :
Stat : Ring, HP 20, Lightning resist 10

Rucaka of Wind
Drop : Mouse Boss (Jina)
Stat : Necklace, def 5, Nerve 10, HP 50

Rucaka of Warrior
Drop : Tiger (Jina) / VATUR / SESTAKU
Stat : Necklace, Muscle 10, HP 100

Rucaka of Magic
Drop : Lizard (Pamir)
Stat : Necklace, Spirit 10, TP 100

Rucaka of Life
Drop : Visa Cumi (Shambala)
Stat : Necklace, HP 50, Spirit 8

Agni Rucaka
Drop : Mouse (Jina)
Stat : Necklace, Fire Resist 15, Evasion 10, Accuracy 10, Muscle 5

Strong Dechanda
Drop : Balastha Drbika (Pamir)
Stat : Necklace, def 10, HP 80

Credits :
- Tyrone & LuluXI from click here for details

Tips avoid incidents hacks

For beginners usually no player-only events that make players complain, especially not in such hobbies into the game (just for fun). and most people there can take advantage of people like this sometimes can be a new player disadvantage because they average do clever tricks to deceive a new player.
below hal2 I try to share the need to be taken by the new player.

- Hati2 with keylogger programs because many cases of OP take the goods on the goods with its own user installing the program.

- Hati2 I sher ID's good friend is my old friend like any friend 1 guild own and do not easily believe it or I want you watched chard (this trick as many case

- Do not easily believe that wisperan friend's ID to request PAS, note baik2 Anag mn match what's original

-. Characters buy will most likely be subject to a hack, depending on whom we buy, must direct him to change the password, and do not forget to ask for ID data, koderahasia / email, registration key, date of birth, being fitted ID.tanggal born full of the vendor

- Avoid transactions with persons who are not known.

- Avoid the provision of goods by people who are not known

- Avoid exchanges of goods.

- Avoid sales transaction by transaction better you Vending goods, because the speed of the buyer can change the values that have been agreed ruppe

Perhaps you have never experienced all these incidents. click here for details

Identify the character tribe

For beginners player you may still confused what character you choose pilih.dan error characters in the new knowledge after the level is large enough to create new characters from the beginning, you would have been saturated to make new characters, not if so then let's see the details of each every character of each tribe:

- DRUKA: Pembunuh the advantage in attacking the enemy in cepat.ia as an enemy intruder and stab him with a movement that is not detected the sound and movement as the wind speed.
(for which you use the weapon close)

- WORK: spent that can penetrate the heart of the target from long distances even. Works very expert in using the arrow tool, the moment-jurusnya he could easily kill the enemy from long distance.
(for which you use the arrow)

- NAKAYUDA: He is petarung scientist beladiri have the ability to attack the enemy out, attacking and wallop the enemy with a quick kick and beruntun.
(for the stat petarung)

- Vidya: He is a pastor who dedicated himself to learn the sciences of healing (support). With the teachings of the Gods, Vidya use his knowledge to help treat injured temannya.Bahkan on a high level, Vidya can return to the spirit of [the people there have died.
(stat for support)

3. Naga-Kimnara
-SATYA:'m used have extraordinary courage in holding enemy attack. He was against the enemies by using his physical strength and knowledge to survive as a fortress so he can protect a friend-i.
(stat for support)

-BANAR: He's practical to use all the advanced weapons, he always led by strength in the future serangannya a very strong fear and make the enemies.
(for the stat petarung)

-ABIKARA: finance from the south who have expertise in the attack on the enemy, he can give a sense of fear out to the enemy its.
-SAMABAT: finance experts that affect other people in the rally with the danger it can create conditions so that the enemies fighting each other among their own.

Of course you have not understand the type, such as what you suka.Silahkan try not to take you in the wrong decision to choose characters.

click here for details

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reset Skill Point(Jawaban untuk Moria)

After successfully completing Job 2 skill points will be reset in and added with the skill-new skill or upgrade skills in accordance with the job in the select

1. Ashura / Rakshasa: DRUKA (sword or dagger) or working (warm)
2. Yaksa / Gandarva: NAKAYUDA (Battle type) or Vidya (type support)
3. Dragon / Kimnara: Satya (type support) or BANAR (type Battle)
4. Deva / Garuda: ABIKARA (type Attack) or SAMABAT (type support)

may in turn JOB 2 you will have difficulty in answering 20 questions from Moriya in the city sambala (you know I think the Environmental tired back kill ananga as one answer) I only provide jawaban2 it only because I have already proved themselves to resolve this jawaban2 QUEST the

1. vartan
2. 10
3. Ronni
4. nagamudra hima
5. 5050
6. apvas
7. Exile region
8. 1432
9. ananga duvanta
10. Amrita
11. 44%
12. Shambala
13. 8 king war
14. 15 species
15. haimayuga
16. vananta
17. 6 types of
18. 8 king's palace
19. chaturangga
20. 1 / 126

follow the command to complete the skill points reset at the ready:) click here for details

Job Change/Perubahan Job

Job changes or shifts in the Job tantra can be done at the level of 10. We can do the job with a turnover of talk with NPC apvas, Substitution job is not to replace the skill, but the stat-stat particular, in accordance with the tribe by gamers in select (evasion increases, resist boarding, and others)

Beginning hunting monster (Mandara area)

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