Saturday, November 15, 2008

Basic tutorial cheat engine 1

This tutorial contains 6 basic steps of cheats engine. before you do the more there is good will you learn the basics pengggunaan cheat engine below because I have control if you cheat the basis of the engine then you can easily penetrate all the existing online game now. note both good steps below:

1.First open Cheat Engine if it hasn't been opened yet.
Then click on the 'open process' icon. (top left icon, with the computer on it)

2.When the process window is open find this tutorial. The process name is probably 'tutorial.exe' unless you renamed me.

3.Select it, and click ok. Just ignore all the other buttons right now, but experiment with them later if you feel like it.

4.When everything went right, the process window should be gone now and at the top of CE the processname is

5.Now, click NEXT to continue to the next step. (Or fill in the password to proceed to that particular step you want)

it simple proccess ok, wait for the next post

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