Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Best Tantra Player 2008

When I find money in the fraudulent chaturangga you doing for a long time friend has rarely play again tantra, fraudulent ask him where I just did not seem thin in the TOI? ugh he is lazy new day TOI cheater all zzzzzzzzzzzzz ..... I can actually I wanted to correct what TOI cheater all. trusting that it depends on your so-called kan.kalo according to the cheater I was have all the cheater than just 3 or 4 people, being peeved .. I pity you do not have a box for pills cheat the same lv ahmarah been wearing cheat .. what can the opponent? ? so I now I average so thin that he is a player in the rugikan because of the cheat so again depending on the game you play shrewdness. Correct? ...

ketemen my back was that he was playing at Tantra Extreme and a more surprising to him again lv bro zzzz ahmarah 100. I believe?

I ask him from his SC .

I try to see cool .. Indonesia was the basic standards games where great: D

when PG I have eQUIP rich eight... ??

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