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Basic tutorial cheat engine 2 excat value scanning

In this step you have to find health value and change it to 1000.You will learn here how use Exact Value Scanning and for what is it. Let’s say that you play some game, and with each hit we lose some HP(health). Now force enemy to hit you(click “Hit me” button below your health). As you can see, your health decreased. Now go to Cheat Engine, in Scan Type choose Exact Value, in Value Type choose 4 Bytes

type number of your health in window above Scan Type and click First Scan(If you already have scanned before, cause you were curious or you wanted to click this button, you will have New Scan instead of First Scan. Click it and then do what I just said). Below computer icon(this one in top left corner) you can see “Found:”. It shows you how many addresses with value matching to one you wrote were found. If there are too many(“too many” are when addresses are not displayed in window below “found:”, in CE v5.3 there is probably no limit for displayed addresses...), click New Scan and get hurt once again(by clicking on “Hit me” in tutorial window). Type in CE new HP value and click First Scan. Do it until some addresses will be displayed in window below “found:”. Of course there are more ways to find correct value, but this tutorial heading is “Exact Value Scanning”, so we will use only this option.
Ok when you have displayed few addresses, go to tutorial (Leave CE as it is, with these addresses in the list) and click “Hit me”. Go to CE, look on found addresses list and find decreased value(previously every address was equal to number of health before this hit. So when previously your health were 96, look for value smaller than this one, but at once it have to be equal to new health number). Example: I had 96HP, and after that hit I lost 5, so now I have 91. So I have to look for 91 value, while almost every other will be 96. So our will differ from others, which makes it easy to find.
Once we found it, click on it and press red arrow pointing to left/down, or just double click on it. It will show in window on bottom of CE. There you can see 5 labels: Freeze(If it’s ticked, value of address in same line will be froze/stopped, it will not be able to change), Description(as it says, you can add it by yourself), Address(shows address), Value Type(Shows type of value stored in address in same line), Value(shows value stored in address in same line). Our objective is to change HP value to 1000, so double click on value. New window will open with current amount of value. Change it to 1000 and click OK. If everything went ok, you should be able to click Next in tutorial window to go to next step. If you can’t that means that you changed value to wrong one, or you changed wrong value(you have wrong address).

you can see a tutorial on the cheat engine in the program that you have to install it notes are as follows:

You see at the bottom of this window the text Health: xxx
Each time you click 'Hit me' your health gets decreased.

To get to the next step you have to find this value and change it to 1000

To find the value there are different ways, but I'll tell you about the easiest, 'Exact Value':
First make sure value type is set to at least 2 bytes or 4 bytes, 1 byte will also work, but you'll run into a
(easy to fix) problem when you've found the address and want to change it. The 8-byte may perhaps works if the
after the address are 0, but I wouldn't take the bet.
Single, double, and the other scans just dont work, because they store the value in a different way.

When the value type is set correctly, make sure the scantype is set to 'Exact Value'
Then fill in the number your health is in the value box. And click 'First Scan'
After a while (if you have a extremly slow pc) the scan is done and the results are shown in the list on the
the number of addresses it found are less than the number below that list)

If you find more than 1 address and you dont know for sure wich address it is, click 'Hit me', fill in the new
value into the value box, and click 'Next Scan'
repeat this untill you're sure you've found it. (that includes that there's only 1 address in the list.....)

Now double click the address in the list on the left. This makes the address pop-up in the list at the bottom,
showing you the current value.
Double click the value, (or select it and press enter), and change the value to 1000.

If everything went ok the next button should become enabled, and you're ready for the next step.

If you did anything wrong while scanning, click "New Scan" and repeat the scanning again.
Also, try playing arround with the value and click 'hit me'

do not assume easily remember all this please read these steps carefully


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