Saturday, October 25, 2008

Intro tantra online

Unlike the other games, games that adopted many myths
west mid-century, based on the myth TANTRA India
Thus the ancient TANTRA create unique and different. Deep
TANTRA this game, can be found various areas and regions
Asia is exotic and beautiful.

Dungeons and area / room under the broad land

Area / maps that are in TANTRA very broad, different
with another RPG that has a map but
small extent. In addition, also offers TANTRA
a number of Dungeon / area below ground, even the special area
that was prepared specifically for the players to do
hostilities and rivalry between the deity.

8 unique characters

In TANTRA there are 4 classes and 8 tribes. Each tribe
equipped with clothing, unique items, plus
with the facilities and increase the skill level to the characters
improve the ability tempurnya.

Graph of high quality

Asian games area, including India based on myths
ancient that can make players feel it is in
feel different as in the movie. Plus
with more than 600 unique buildings and various
The special natural atmosphere. All this is packed in
graph of high quality.

Quest System diverse

Tantra is not the only game that offers
batte or rivalry to the players, players
can follow the various stories that have QUEST
ending with three / vary depending on the end of
deity who chose. Coupled with the various
QUEST that can be followed by players in accordance with
increased level of character development.

Community Games for socializing

Basically is possible to play
TANTRA alone, but the players can get
various experiences and benefits with more
play with other friends. Deep
TANTRA also adopted a system called the guild

Trading & Store Opening

For players who like to trade, Tantra
provide features "shop" for all the characters. Every
of the tribe that can be selected by the players can
utilize the facilities "shop" and conduct activities
sale with the other players. Place on karaktermu
The strategic position, open shop facilities and other players
the past will be able to see directly the goods
you offer, and deal directly. When the goods
daganganmu have been sold out, the store will close in

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