Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tips avoid incidents hacks

For beginners usually no player-only events that make players complain, especially not in such hobbies into the game (just for fun). and most people there can take advantage of people like this sometimes can be a new player disadvantage because they average do clever tricks to deceive a new player.
below hal2 I try to share the need to be taken by the new player.

- Hati2 with keylogger programs because many cases of OP take the goods on the goods with its own user installing the program.

- Hati2 I sher ID's good friend is my old friend like any friend 1 guild own and do not easily believe it or I want you watched chard (this trick as many case

- Do not easily believe that wisperan friend's ID to request PAS, note baik2 Anag mn match what's original

-. Characters buy will most likely be subject to a hack, depending on whom we buy, must direct him to change the password, and do not forget to ask for ID data, koderahasia / email, registration key, date of birth, being fitted ID.tanggal born full of the vendor

- Avoid transactions with persons who are not known.

- Avoid the provision of goods by people who are not known

- Avoid exchanges of goods.

- Avoid sales transaction by transaction better you Vending goods, because the speed of the buyer can change the values that have been agreed ruppe

Perhaps you have never experienced all these incidents.

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