Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Identify the character tribe

For beginners player you may still confused what character you choose pilih.dan error characters in the new knowledge after the level is large enough to create new characters from the beginning, you would have been saturated to make new characters, not if so then let's see the details of each every character of each tribe:

- DRUKA: Pembunuh the advantage in attacking the enemy in cepat.ia as an enemy intruder and stab him with a movement that is not detected the sound and movement as the wind speed.
(for which you use the weapon close)

- WORK: spent that can penetrate the heart of the target from long distances even. Works very expert in using the arrow tool, the moment-jurusnya he could easily kill the enemy from long distance.
(for which you use the arrow)

- NAKAYUDA: He is petarung scientist beladiri have the ability to attack the enemy out, attacking and wallop the enemy with a quick kick and beruntun.
(for the stat petarung)

- Vidya: He is a pastor who dedicated himself to learn the sciences of healing (support). With the teachings of the Gods, Vidya use his knowledge to help treat injured temannya.Bahkan on a high level, Vidya can return to the spirit of [the people there have died.
(stat for support)

3. Naga-Kimnara
-SATYA:'m used have extraordinary courage in holding enemy attack. He was against the enemies by using his physical strength and knowledge to survive as a fortress so he can protect a friend-i.
(stat for support)

-BANAR: He's practical to use all the advanced weapons, he always led by strength in the future serangannya a very strong fear and make the enemies.
(for the stat petarung)

-ABIKARA: finance from the south who have expertise in the attack on the enemy, he can give a sense of fear out to the enemy its.
-SAMABAT: finance experts that affect other people in the rally with the danger it can create conditions so that the enemies fighting each other among their own.

Of course you have not understand the type, such as what you suka.Silahkan try not to take you in the wrong decision to choose characters.

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